Author: Doris Rathgeber

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How to Get Rid of Your Cough with TCM

The season has arrived when everyone seems to have a cough. Children are especially affected. Coughing can have many root causes like bacterial or viral infections, asthma, diabetes, air pollution, dry air, temperature difference and vocal strain. Many environmental factors make Shanghai residents more prone to coughs. Overall, we know that frequent coughing is a symptom of the presence of a disease. As the classification of a cough is diverse...

Winter Health and Harmony with Nature

In wintertime the traditional Chinese Yin-Yang cycle reaches its Yin peak. Nature’s level of activity is reduced during this season of rest and passivity. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recommends living in harmony with nature. As nature slows down in winter, people should reduce their activities as well. In TCM, winter is determined by the water element and associated with the organs kidney and bladder. The kidneys are the source of the...