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Body & Soul  >  Podiatry


odiatry is devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of foot disorders, ankle and lower extremity problems. The podiatrist can diagnose and provide medical and surgical treatment for issues such as:

  • Nail & skin pathologies (calluses, cracked heels, corns, ingrown toenails, fungal nails, verrucae, foot warts, etc.)
  • Deformity management
  • Chronic pathologies
  • Athletic and sports injuries of the foot, knee, and hip
  • Pain in the lower extremities
  • Neurological disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Vascular & musculoskeletal disorders

Services offered also include:

  • Emergency treatments & wound management
  • Nail surgery
  • Orthotic prescription
  • Pediatric assessment
  • Footwear assessment

Our podiatrist performs biomechanical assessments to determine the root cause of disorders and establish a tailored, successful treatment plan for his patients. Using Body & Soul’s integrated approach, the doctor might consider additional diagnostic techniques (ultrasound, X-Ray, etc.) to gain a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s condition. Physiotherapy and acupuncture are excellent complementary therapies when suffering from pain in the lower extremities. Podiatry services are offered in the Lifestyle Center – Xintiandi. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.