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Tuina massage is one of the Traditional Chinese Medicine healing therapies. It consists of massage and manual manipulation techniques which influence the flow of Qi in order to relax muscles, soothe pain, regulate organ functions and strengthen the immune system. Tuina massage promotes health by establishing a more harmonious Qi flow through the system of channels and collaterals. It includes a range of various techniques, such as soft tissue massage (muscles and tendons), acupressure to directly influence the flow of Qi and manipulation techniques to realign the musculo-skeletal system (bone setting).

Tuina massage is a safe, effective medical treatment, which generally has no side effects. It is helpful in treating internal medicine, pediatric, gynecological, and orthopedic disorders.

Body & Soul – Medical Clinics offer Tuina massage therapy in each clinic. Feel free to contact us for further information or click here to make an appointment.