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Originally from Japan (Rei means "Universe” or “spirit" and Ki "life force energy"), Reiki is a form of alternative healing technique where practitioners remove blockages and restore a free flow of energy in the patient’s body through palm healing.

Reiki works on different levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels) and allows for deep relaxation, reduces stress and helps to achieve serenity and inner peace.

This energy therapy has positive effects on several forms of illnesses and conditions. Patients receiving Reiki treatments can experience relief when suffering from headaches, digestive problems, colds, muscle stiffness, joint pain, tensions, anxiety or depression. Reiki can also help patients suffering from heart conditions, cancer, leukemia, aids, etc. by reducing the symptoms, helping manage the potential side effects of Western medical treatments (chemotherapy, post-operative pain,) as well as improving the healing rate and reducing the recovery time.

Reiki can be applied to everybody, including pregnant women and children.

Reiki boosts the patients’ spiritual growth and help them to get to know themselves better and improve their awareness, intuition and inner knowledge. It can be the way to find oneself.

Please note health insurance coverage and direct billing cannot be applied to Reiki sessions.

Learn more about our Reiki Master Gabriel Salazar.