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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, children are considered to be physically immature, thus inherently weaker than adults. This is why TCM addresses pediatric conditions specifically. Children usually get sick easily but recover very quickly. They are mainly touched by acute diseases which, as opposed to chronic diseases, arise rapidly with fever and intense symptoms and get cured after a few days. Kids react easily to medication and recover more quickly than adults, this is why they need gentle medical techniques and lower doses of medication.

According to TCM, children’s organs are not complete yet and their organism is still fragile. They have a different constitution than adults: their Qi (vital energy) is weak and their organs, bones and muscles are soft and slowly maturing. Children, particularly, may suffer from:

  • Common colds, frequent colds: Colds are part of growing up, but TCM can reduce symptoms and prevent them from developing into chronic cough or bronchitis. In cases where children catch frequent colds, TCM can be used to improve immune system functions.
  • Digestive problems: Poor appetite, digestive discomfort, acid reflux, and constipation are often curable using TCM, notably with herbal medicine and food therapy.
  • Asthma: Pediatric asthma is common and while Western medicine has no cure and merely controls attacks, a reduction in symptoms can usually be reached with TCM. An integrated approach is often preferable, using Western medicine to control severe attacks and TCM to treat the underlying causes.
  • Chronic coughs and bronchitis: These are extremely common, especially in Shanghai where the air is so polluted. With TCM, healing results can be achieved quickly and side effects are low. In cases of chronic cough, many people are better treated with TCM as TCM can determine if a cough is due to dryness, phlegm, or a deeper underlying condition such as weakness of the lungs, or even constipation.

TCM is a solution to be considered for parents seeking a natural way to cure their children or prevent other diseases. A TCM doctor can effectively and naturally treat the above mentioned diseases within a short period of time.

Treatments for kids do not differ from those for adults. When treating children, herbal medication and Tuina-massage are applied as well. Acupuncture, however, remains rarely practiced as children encounter difficulties staying still during treatment and might be afraid of needles.