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Healthy Recipes

The five-element cuisine is a healthy and balanced diet. It is one interesting field of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) besides herbal medicine, accupuncture, tuina massage, etc. Due to the balanced composition of the recipe ingredients into the elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water), the five-element cuisine is especially healthy, easy to digest and it simply tastes great.

Have fun trying our healthy recipes!


Spring Time Recipes

Carrots In Honey Vinaigrette (Spring) download PDF
Chickpea stew (Spring) download PDF
Tomato Soup (Spring) download PDF
Fish Roll With Basil And Vegetables In Orange-Dill-Sauce (Spring) download PDF
Chicken With Almonds And Vegetables (Spring) download PDF


Summer Time Recipes

Strawberry Dream (Summer) download PDF
Vegetable Salad (Summer) download PDF
Cherry Cake – Tray-Baked (Summer) download PDF
Italian Salad (Summer) download PDF
Ground Beef With Swiss Chard (Summer) download PDF


Autumn Time Recipes

Pumpkin Goulash (Autumn) download PDF
Lake Victoria Perch In Mustard Sauce (Autumn) download PDF
Creamy Broccoli Soup (Autumn) download PDF


Winter Time Recipes

Apricot-Almond Slices (Winter) download PDF
Mexican Chili (Winter) download PDF
Fried Duck Breast In Orange Sauce (Winter) download PDF
Turkey With Aromatic Sauce (Winter) download PDF
Tasty Polenta Stew (Winter) download PDF
Indian Curry with Potatoes (Winter/Spring) download PDF

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