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Body & Soul Lifestyle Center
An Ji Plaza, 14th floor
760 Xi Zang Nan Road
Crossing Jian Guo Road
200011 Shanghai, Huangpu District

Tel: (+86 21) 5101 9262
Fax: (+86 21) 5101 9278
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Opening hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday:
9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.

Tuesday and Thursday:
9.00 a.m. - 8.00 p.m.


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Lifestyle Center

Body & Soul – Medical Clinics pursues our mission to heal the body as a whole by offering complete health enhancement solutions through medical consultations and medically supervised physical training.

The new Body & Soul - Lifestyle Center opened its doors to provide a whole range of preventative, healing and rehabilitative treatments. It consists of the ultimate space for comprehensive healthcare, where a team of therapists helps patients reach optimum health by offering:

The Lifestyle Center is located right beside our Downtown Clinic – Xintiandi. All services offered in the Lifestyle Center can be covered by insurances, depending on individual policy.

You are warmly invited to visit our facilities, please feel free to make an appointment. For appointments and more information, do not hesitate to contact our front desk staff.


Physiotherapy treatments training programs for prevention, rehabilitation and getting back to exercising after rehabilitation


Sarah Trost
Physical Therapist & Personal Trainer

German, English

Sarah is a physiotherapist and personal trainer with a focus on sports medicine and rehabilitation. Throughout her extensive training in Germany, Sarah applies a combination of different therapies and accompanies her patients throughout the whole rehabilitation process (including the instruction of preventive exercises in order to avoid relapses).

Sarah treats acute and chronic pains, provides conservative treatments - especially for low back pain and shoulder disorders and practices lymphatic drainage.

Click here for more information about Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.

Medical massages help your body when healing from chronic conditions or sports injuries


Matthew Stevens
Osteopath & Medical Masseur


Matthew has over 20 years of experience in osteopathy, practicing in the UK, New Zealand, and Japan. He also taught osteopathy in Milan, Italy. He is specialized in integrative manual therapy, combining osteopathic treatments with medical massages as well as with some Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques such as Tuina massage, moxibustion and acupressure.

Psychological consultationsin a cozy
and intimate space


Bibiana Rueda-Bueno
Holistic Psychologist

English, Spanish

Bibiana is a holistic psychologist who combines clinical psychology, psycho genealogy and alternative techniques such as chakras harmonization, energy healing and cleansing to treat her patients. She also specialized in solving work related conflicts since she’s been developing psychometric tests, psychological interviews and communicative and motivational strategies for corporations.

She offers individual and couple therapy in our Downtown Clinic – Xintiandi, Hongmei Road Clinic – Hongqiao and Century Park Clinic – Pudong.

Click here for more information about Psychology.

Petra Albrecht

English, German

Petra is a German speaking psychologist, who obtained her master's degree from the Department of Clinical Psychology at the University of Graz, Austria. In her treatment, she combines parts of the cognitive behavior therapy with elements of positive psychology. Petra is specialized in treating adolescents and adults suffering from the following conditions: anxiety disorders, social anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder, sleeping disorders, as well as burnout, relationship problems and study/learning problems.



Gabriel Salazar
Reiki Master

English, Spanish

Originally from Japan (Rei means "Universe” or “spirit" and Ki "life force energy"), Reiki is a form of alternative healing technique where practitioners remove blockages and restore a free flow of energy in the patient’s body through palm healing.

Reiki works on different levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels) and allows for deep relaxation, reduces stress and helps to achieve serenity and inner peace.

This energy therapy has positive effects on several forms of illnesses and conditions. Patients receiving Reiki treatments can experience relief when suffering from headaches, digestive problems, colds, muscle stiffness, joint pain, tensions, anxiety or depression. Reiki can also help patients suffering from heart conditions, cancer, leukemia, aids, etc. by reducing the symptoms, helping manage the potential side effects of Western medical treatments (chemotherapy, post-operative pain,) as well as improving the healing rate and reducing the recovery time.

Reiki can be applied to everybody, including pregnant women and children.

Reiki boosts the patients’ spiritual growth and help them to get to know themselves better and improve their awareness, intuition and inner knowledge. It can be the way to find oneself.

Please note health insurance coverage and direct billing cannot be applied to Reiki sessions.

Podiatric consultations to complement our approach of comprehensive healthcare


Scott Blake


Scott graduated from Queensland University of Technology, in Australia with honours in Health Science – Podiatry in 2011. Since graduation, his experience in private practice has provided a comprehensive understanding of diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of pathologies of the foot and lower leg.

Scott’s particular interests include biomechanical assessments to identify deficiencies in gait and athletic performance, as well as developing individual treatment plans for long-term resolution. He is also focusing on both conservative and surgical treatment of painful conditions of the foot, such as in-grown nails and painful corns and callus.

Click here for more information about Podiatry.

Medical supervision for exercising, training safely and achieving maximum health results in our modern fitness studio