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Mission and History

"Helping people to make a smooth transition into harmonious, balanced and healthy living"


Body & Soul – Medical Clinics is a clinic for Integrative Medicine. The clinic was founded in July 2004 as a private medical facility under Chinese law. Doris Rathgeber and her team have made great efforts to introduce and apply Integrative Medicine in the Shanghai area.

Doctors and therapists in our clinics offer a wide range of experience and an extensive knowledge of holistic medicine. With comprehensive experience, continuing education and modern diagnostics, we are able to assure our patients a comprehensive and integrative approach to individual healthcare and clinical diagnosis.

Doris Rathgeber is a specialist in internal medicine for Traditional Chinese Medicine and the founder of the Body & Soul Medical Group Shanghai. As a guest speaker for many national and international events, she offers her experience and knowledge in professional presentations to international clubs and professional organizations.

Doris’s knowledge of integrative medicine is in popular demand for a variety of world wide associations, schools and media outlets. Comprehensive reports regarding her work in China have been documented on television as well as in an assortment of national and international magazines and newspapers.